Try, oh, try to redeem thyself! A jester will you forever be? Hurry! Hurry! Read all about it! Quickly, gossip dies when left unspoken! Shaming words and shaming faces, all that is left are empty spaces. Each crack and crevice does not prove me broken. Careful! Stand back! So many words left unspoken… Gentle whispers in your ears… Come closer my dear. I am worn, I am weathered, yet still I stand… Read More

This is a question I found myself contemplating. Now, the answer is an easy one for me but at the time I was conflicted. I felt as if I was at war with myself. “If I get the surgery am I somehow neglecting an opportunity for growth?” “No way, every part of life offers opportunities for growth…” “If I don’t, how will I feel about it in another ten years?” “It has… Read More

Our family has spent much of the last several years in a kind of solitude. This time away from socializing enabled us to reflect upon our emotional, mental, and spiritual states of being. We made some discoveries, corrected some harmful behaviors and established some healthy boundaries. Unfortunately, the impact of our withdraw has not all been positive. Some of our friends and family felt neglected by our lack of communication and effort…. Read More

Dia Dhuit! We did it, we finally did it! In March of 2016, Ty and I crossed the Atlantic ocean on an AirFrance Boeing 777 and began the anniversary trip of our dreams in Ireland!

“The journey may be unclear; nevertheless, clarity awaits those who dare to voyage into the unknown.” -E.A. Chaney I am guilty of letting the opinions of others hold me back in the past. I am also guilty of allowing fear to navigate my life from time to time. It wasn’t until I realized fear wasn’t going anywhere but it was up to me to decide it’s usefulness. Fear is just as likely… Read More