Have you ever felt lost when life knocks you down?

We have all been there at some point, that moment when it all falls apart. It could have been a business venture gone wrong, a relationship struggle, or even a personal failure of some kind; the possibilities are endless. If I have learned anything, during my time here on Earth, it is that life is unpredictable, while it can be beautiful, it can be quite ugly as well.

      We often come across the gentle reminders of those who have walked the earth before our us, being repeated and passed down generation after generation, reminding us of how ironic life is and although, we all know that it takes darkness to see the light and bad to know good, these beautiful and inspirational proverbs seem to get lost in the chaos of our minds when they are needed the most. Dr. Wayne Dryer said, “Your opinions are trivial, but your commitment to them makes all the difference in the world”.  Shifting our perspective is the first step to making a change.

Sincerely, I urge you to  remember, when all that you have built crumbles into dust, you are not in a hopeless situation, and you did not do anything wrong. No, it is not a personal failure, instead it is a gift. Throughout life we are given the opportunity to strengthen ourselves, to custom build our stairways to success so to speak. When that stairway comes crashing down, and it will, you have a choice. You see, you have been given the chance to take your time and remove all the factors that didn’t work in the past and supplement with what was missing, or you can hastily recreate what has already fallen and hope that it lasts. There is no time frame to have it all figured out and no need to have the tallest tower, but it is essential to have strong foundation and a willingness to start again. So, when you find yourself feeling disoriented or lost, slow down… take a deep breath… and begin step at a time.

Until  next time…


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