How well do you really know your loved ones? 

Recently, I spent some time reflecting after a short conversation with a friend whom I had not spoken with more than a few times in the past couple of years. I noticed that some of the same undertones of her personality were still present; however, there was something different that I could easily have missed if I had assumed I was talking to the same old friend I had spoken with thousands of times before. I think I enjoy connecting with old friends so much because you are never really the same person, are you? You get to really see someone in a way you never had before because not only have you changed but they have as well, so each time they re-enter your life, or you theirs, you are both a bit different. Sometimes, there are quite subtle differences that you can miss if you are are not paying attention, and other times the changes are in these transcendental ways. Then you realize nothing is absolute, and no one can ever truly be labeled because we are ever-changing beings and to me that is the beauty of relationships. So, I challenge you to take some time today to observe the people in your lives; instead of assuming you know how they think and feel, approach them as if they are a stranger that you are meeting for the first time. This way you can relate to them in ways you never have been able to before and see them with fresh eyes. I hope you all discover something new about someone old in your life today.

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2 Comments on “How well do you really know your loved ones? 

  1. You are correct, people can change. I have changed in many ways and still finding myself. I feel I lost myself at some point and became someone I didn’t like. This was not good. Since then, I have been working hard to be more mindful and with that, finding peace within me. Change is always good and at the same time, a challenge. By the way, this was beautiful…Namaste

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