What if…???

“The journey may be unclear; nevertheless, clarity awaits those who dare to voyage into the unknown.” -E.A. Chaney

I am guilty of letting the opinions of others hold me back in the past. I am also guilty of allowing fear to navigate my life from time to time. It wasn’t until I realized fear wasn’t going anywhere but it was up to me to decide it’s usefulness. Fear is just as likely to be a powerful motivator as it is to be debilitating; the good news is, the choice is ours!

    I think that life really is too unpredictable to spend the time you have wondering what life would be like “if”.  “If”, acted upon, can become a number of things; “if” could be torturous, marvelous, a disaster, a personal victory, abundance, sacrifice, adventure or many other things, perhaps even a combination, like struggle and success. The point is, regardless of what your “if” turns out to be you will never know unless you move into action.

Some people are complacent with staying within their comfortable way of life,  never stepping outside of their safe zones and that is okay; however, for those out there in the world feeling compelled to expand or have diverse experiences, it will drive them mad unless they act on it.

Life is meant to fulfill and fulfillment comes differently for each person, which is why I think it is important to respect one another’s way of finding fulfillment and take charge of your own. I am of the opinion that we are meant to live, love, learn, and grow and every aspect of that will be a unique experience for each person. Next time you realized fear is dictating your life redefine it’s meaning and use it as the tool it was always meant to be.

Until next time…


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