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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Inclined Acquiesce By E.A. Chaney I am convinced my heart is a rebel. It does not listen to me; it wants unapologetically. The never ceasing betrayer, my heart is as wild as the sea. Why does it long so intensely for things that cannot be. Advertisements

The Unforeseeable by E.A Chaney How twisted is my soul that relish this sorrow? How tainted that I cherish it? The unrelenting force of it crushing my being into a million irrecoverable pieces, yet here I lie soaking in the macabre thoughts that dance with delight in my mind.

A young woman I have come to admire greatly for a few reasons shared a post recently on her social media page challenging her Facebook circle to say one thing they love about themselves. Since it had been an area of struggle for me for decades to inwardly or outwardly speak love to myself, I decided to participate. Which led to me reflecting on how common it is to neglect oneself of… Read More

     I have always had an interest in philosophy, long conversations, gazing out upon the vast starlit night sky, regarding life and the meaning of it all has always been one of my favorite past times. Life is a multifaceted and awe-inspiring phenomenon. Throughout the centuries, many have attempted to honor and/or understand this phenomenon with spiritual pursuits and quests for knowledge;