Spiritual pursuits and what not…

     I have always had an interest in philosophy, long conversations, gazing out upon the vast starlit night sky, regarding life and the meaning of it all has always been one of my favorite past times. Life is a multifaceted and awe-inspiring phenomenon. Throughout the centuries, many have attempted to honor and/or understand this phenomenon with spiritual pursuits and quests for knowledge;

often these pursuits are in attempt to shed ones human identifications to obtain a higher knowledge of some kind or in hopes to walk a path of righteousness to earn the worthiness of an eternal life in some far away paradise. Although, I have been on a spiritual quest or two myself and in some ways still am, the question remains in my mind; when one constantly reaches for that higher state of self, are they missing out on their human experience? Considering, that the very act of spiritual pursuit is an entirely human behavior the answer may seem like an obvious one. After all, spiritual quest do serve a purpose, just as the sun gives light and the moon holds back the tides; perhaps, once that purpose is served the heart of the seeker will be content to be utterly human, to embrace this life without limitations or judgements and come to know how to accept themselves and others unconditionally as they learn to  love the perfectly flawed human-being that they are. After all, unconditional love is the one constant in all spiritual teachings. A pursuer of spiritual knowledge wishes to lead a more righteous or enlightened life however, I can’t help but notice, they are forgetting in their pursuit to consider that they could have it backwards, perhaps they are spiritual beings having a human experience. What they are reaching for may be right in front of them and all they have to do is just be human. We have all heard the sayings, “We are the breath of God”, “We are made of light”, “We are source” and for some reason people tend to completely disregard this and continue to chase “enlightenment”. I understand the concepts behind “conquering the flesh” and “detaching from identification” but do we not learn lessons the best when we are open and allow ourselves to feel, reflect, and digest. Maybe balance is key and yin and yang is something more than a pendant worn around the neck. All I know is the more we neglect to consider that there may indeed be a bigger picture the more narrow our scope will remain. So as you walk your spiritual path a implore you to question what it is you believe and where it is you hope it will lead.


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