The Unforeseeable

The Unforeseeable

by E.A Chaney

How twisted is my soul that relish this sorrow?

How tainted that I cherish it?

The unrelenting force of it crushing my being into a million irrecoverable pieces,

yet here I lie soaking in the macabre thoughts that dance with delight in my mind.

The need for this pain engulfing me.

And oh, how I know it well…

I had drinks with the Devil and we loved in the unyielding thirsty flames that make up this hell.

Yes, this is familiar.

It is the chills that run down your spine when that eerie knowing air of darkness surrounds you as you walk alone at night.

It is the pounding of your heart when something jumps out at you from the shadows.

It is the gut wrenching pit of loneliness you feel when someone you love has gone.

It is the very fabric of oneself being torn apart and it seems the only way to know you are alive.

Oh hold me close my sweet sorrow, for I am yours and you are mine.


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