Inclined Acquiesce

Inclined Acquiesce

By E.A. Chaney

I am convinced my heart is a rebel.

It does not listen to me; it wants unapologetically.

The never ceasing betrayer, my heart is as wild as the sea.

Why does it long so intensely for things that cannot be.

With the wings of a raven it escapes my sensibilities.

Hardly a master of my mind but a slave to my heart I remain to be.

Will I ever tame this rebel inside of me?

No mind if I do not, for I cherish what it has brought.

Leaving gifts at the foot of my soul that I never thought could be.

Yes, this ruthless pursuer of dreams reaches into the depths of my being where I shelter the most sacred parts of me.

Leaving me raw and bleeding forth lifetimes of passion.

And whilst I beg for my heart to let me be it does not answer my pleas.

For transformation is its decree.


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