Right or Wrong… You decide.

After a rather emotionally charged day, filled with plenty of internal struggle over making the “wrong” decisions, I found myself in a rather curious position. I had, of course,

overreacted to a stressful situation only making it worse; however, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of confidence that I had in fact grown from the situation. When one is faced with negative emotions, it is commonly assumed they are damaging to one’s life; although, I can not help but wonder, why then do some of the most negative and painful situations give birth to all that makes life worth living. I can agree some “evils” out there seem completely unnecessary but given that life has never promised anyone to be predictable, easy, or even simply to make sense, I can not shake the thought that maybe, just maybe, if we embrace what life throws our way, and trust ourselves enough to grow through the negatively perceived situations we are faced with, then perhaps we get a choice.

Until next time…


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