Her story is one of rising from the ashes, reborn and ready for greatness. 

Flowing like gentle waters, she confidently navigates this world with purpose, meeting obstacles with silent power and roaring presence.

 Allowing what comes naturally for her to be the mark of envy, knowing humility should never limit ability. Vanity holds no value for her, as she is keenly aware of its lies.

 Embracing her humanity she is open and balanced, understanding the answers all seek are nothing more than relative. Standing firm, she refuses to be bound by the pursuits of the weary.

 Intentionally, she opens her heart, wholly, as an offering of genuine energy, embracing all who choose to enter with reverence.  

For she has been the object of disdain and knows the power of its thralldom too well. Its unforgiving force has weighed upon her many times before yet is unable to conquer her still. 

When her time has come, graciously, she will leave this world behind like the light of the setting sun, allowing her brilliance to fade into the darkness and her legacy to be written in the stars. 

-E.A. Chaney


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