Does it make me less aware or vain if I choose to have plastic surgery…

This is a question I found myself contemplating. Now, the answer is an easy one for me but at the time I was conflicted. I felt as if I was at war with myself.

“If I get the surgery am I somehow neglecting an opportunity for growth?”

“No way, every part of life offers opportunities for growth…”

“If I don’t, how will I feel about it in another ten years?”

“It has been over a decade and I still feel the same about it”

The concept of letting go of self-attachment was one I was intimately familiar with, but I also knew that I was here for a human experience.

I have dreams, desires, goals, passions, dislikes, identifications, and preferences like every other human I have ever met. I mean really, the very practice of detachment/mindfulness is a natural human reaction reflecting the desire to alter ones current state of being.

While in the past, it may have been different for me, I had no intention of neglecting my human nature.

I want to stop right here for a moment. Before I continue, I wish to disclose that I am in no way suggesting that mindful practices are wrong or unhealthy, in fact, quite the opposite, and these practices are a big part of mine and my family’s life. I am, simply put, saying if one holds the belief, as I do, that changing ones mentality is important, and I would even say essential, for a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life, then I am of the opinion, that person cannot say changing the body isn’t, without contradicting themselves. Just consider how often we hear about the importance of eating healthy and exercising daily, or how depression can literally make you physically ill. Negative self-image is a prominent issue in our society which causes depression and unhealthy dietary and lifestyle choices. Thus creating imbalances.

When I chose to share my plastic surgery experience and my thoughts surrounding it, I came into it understanding and accepting that I may be met with judgmental opinions, scrutiny, or even cruelty, which took quite a bit of mental effort on my part to find balance. I know there are so many more loving, kind, and encouraging people in the world than there are the opposite, but it still took sometime to retrain my brain to detach from the agreements I had made about the world around me.

My purpose in sharing this is to offer encouragement and support everyone out there that may be wanting to make a change in their lives, regardless of the type of change (physical, spiritual, lifestyle…etc.). I know, we have all heard it said before “You just need to love and accept your body/self exactly the way you are without changing anything other than your mindset about it…” not realizing, that suggestion in itself is entirely contradictory. While I support, encourage, and have been practicing mindfulness for many years, I do not agree with the above statement. To me, acceptance, encompasses the DESIRE to change something about yourself as well. Finding balance with that is challenging I know, but I am confident if I had not stepped outside of the idea that I didn’t “need” to change anything other than my mindset, my inability to accept myself would have continued to haunt me and keep me in an incongruous state.

Of course, I knew my outward appearance didn’t define me, however, I also knew the way I felt internally did not match externally and that did not sit well within me.

Some things we do for vanity’s sake and some we do for peace of mind, it is our responsibility, to ourselves only, to place our intentions and create symmetry in our lives. I am a strong believer in doing whatever feels right for you (without harming others) and enables you to be your happiest self, no matter the motivation behind it.

Be Brave.

Until next time…

Live, Love, Learn, Grow.


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